Best of summer

Top ten travel locations so far this summer

the point at Seeley's Bay, Ontario

2. DSC02412.jpg
soccer field(s), Fooey's team

3. DSC02445.jpg
soccer field(s), Albus's team

4. DSC02466.jpg
soccer field(s), AppleApple's team

5. DSC02424.jpg
Silver Lake camp

6. DSC02451.jpg
Kingston, for tournament, with siblings, cousins, aunt and Grandma

7. DSC02404.jpg
Swimplex, Nepean, with cousins, aunt and Grandma

8. DSC02393.jpg

9. DSC02432.jpg
en route, from somewhere to somewhere

10. DSC02213.jpg
our house; swim lessons; friends' houses; backyard

Top five reasons I'm blogging less this summer.

1. I'm out and about with the kids all the time. And I'm swimming at lunchtime.
2. I'm prioritizing writing work in those spare moments not populated by children and their summer activities (and mine).
3. Blog-time is going largely toward building a new web site to house this slightly long-in-the-tooth blog.
4. Summer. Have I mentioned summer?
5. See above. And below.

last day of school, June 26, 2014

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