Word of the year, 2013


I'm liking the ten-minute post. 1. It keeps me from rambling. 2. It keeps from obsessively over-editing every precious word. 3. I'm writing a book, and I need to do that more than I need to blog ... but I can spend ten minutes blogging without harming my book writing.

Okay, the above took me two whole minutes!

Which leaves me eight to write about my word of the year. Drumroll, please.

Word of The Year, 2013!


No, don't get up. I'm not giving you advice or suggesting that you do, although perhaps you should. That's my word. Yes, that's it. Stretch.

Let me explain. Let me explain first that my best words have come very suddenly, seemingly out of the blue. I found this word during my long run on Saturday afternoon. It has several different meanings, and I intend to explore them throughout the year, but its most basic meaning is where I'll begin.

Stretching. I need to do more of it, quite literally. If I am to keep doing my long runs and not get injured, I must stretch. I don't know why it's so hard to add that simple extra step into my routine, but it is. Therefore, word of the year will remind me to stretch.

On a metaphorical level, I see it like this: There are things that I want to do. Big, exciting, challenging, adventurous things! If I'm to do them, I will need to stretch. I will need to do the simple little things that keep me flexible (metaphorically speaking). My focus tends to go right to the big part of any challenge, the grinding, tough, overtly demanding, adrenalin-fuelled, energy-burning part. And I skip over the milder-seeming, gentler, supportive part that requires stillness and patience. I find my joy in motion.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

It's just that if I want to stay in motion, I need to learn to stand still and stretch. Know what I mean? The one supports the ability to do the other. You can't soar if your wings are stiff. Does that sound like it belongs on a really bad motivational poster, perhaps involving a pastel sunset and bubble letters? Hm. Well, something like that.

And that's my ten minutes. Plus three. Or four.

I stretched it a little.

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