Guess what everyone wants now?


We're dogsitting for my brother and sister-in-law's sweet old fella. I'm not sure how we'll ever hope to find a dog as easy-going as Winston, but he's been an effortless addition to the household. Likes an easy ten-minute walk morning and night. Enjoys exploring and sleeping in the backyard. Slept in our room last night and got up to check on things whenever a kid went to the bathroom. I liked that. It felt kind of comforting.

Plus the kids love him. There's something about having an animal around that brings out good things in people. But if we do get a dog it's going to be a spur of the moment decision, I suspect, because there's no rationalizing adding to the household workload, expenses, or complications. Like I said to Kevin, it's a bit like deciding to have another baby -- it's never a choice that works on a rational, this-will-fit-with-our-lives way. You have another baby despite knowing it will cause disruption to your current situation.

In other news, we started the kids on chores this weekend. Everyone has been assigned different jobs (laundry, front hall tidying, dish-putting-away, toy-picking-up), and it's not for payment, it's for being helpful. So far, so good; but it's early going. But I will say that the kids seem pretty happy about having new responsibilities. And I'm happy because yesterday morning, instead of cleaning the house, I worked on a story while the kids picked up and vacuumed (with help from Kevin).

Happy weekending!


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