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A nice thing has been happening recently. I open my email inbox and discover -- a letter from an unknown person who introduces herself and says she's just read The Juliet Stories, and that she had to write and tell me that the book moved her in some way. (And, yes, so far these messages have all been from women.)

I can't really tell you how bizarre and lovely that feels other than to say that it kind of blows my mind. That people out there are reading the words in my book, and responding to those words. And I'm just here going about my every day work.

Here is someone who read The Juliet Stories and then wrote about it on her blog.

Another reader left a comment on my blog on Mother's Day. She wanted to tell me that her 16-year-old daughter had brought her breakfast in bed that morning -- along with a copy of The Juliet Stories.


This has been a very busy, short week. I've squeezed a lot into four little days, met a few deadlines, made some good contacts, accomplished some research, and even gone for a few runs. And cooked a few meals. And washed a few too many late-night dishes.

And it doesn't stop just because it's Friday. Tonight, I'll be visiting a book club.

:: On Sunday I'm reading at an event called "Un/Certain Words" at the Grad Lounge in the Student Services building at Wilfrid Laurier University, starting at 7pm.

:: On Tuesday morning I will be in Burlington for Books & Brunch, hosted by A Different Drummer Bookstore.

:: And on the following Wednesday, June 6, the Waterloo Public Library has invited me to give a talk about writing, and "green dreams," and The Juliet Stories. More on that last event soon, as details get finalized.

There's more, but that gets us mostly caught up for now, I think. Must squeeze in two more errands before biking to get the kids for swim lessons. Happy Friday!

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