The week in suppers: last of the cold cellar

sweet potato soup

**Monday's menu** Split-pea soup (crockpot). Baked squash. Homemade garlic bread.
**Cold cellar** Monday saw me heading to the cold cellar on a mission: use up what's left, and quickly. The warm snap was not good for the rotting veg factor, therefore, roasted squash. I also delivered several pounds of garlic to friends this week; it had become suddenly rather redolent -- not spoiled, mind you, just hinting toward The End. I'd stored too much for our family to use before time ran out. Must make note and remember this for next season's garlic order ...

**Tuesday's menu** Sweet potato soup (crockpot). Steamed broccoli. Baguette and cheese.
**Cold cellar** Used leftover roasted squash in soup, combined with sweet potatoes. And made such an enormous batch that I froze the leftovers for another supper.

**Wednesday's menu** CJ's birthday party supper, one day early: Black beans, rice, fried hamburger, tamales, tortillas, tortilla chips, avocado salad, spinach salad, peppers, cilantro, green onions, various cheeses and salsas and toppings. Birthday cake/cupcakes and ice cream for dessert (of course).
**Party fare** I love serving this meal to a crowd. It can be served buffet-style, and happily feeds a variety of tastes and dietary needs -- vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc., etc. The other advantage to this meal is the ease with which much of it can be prepared in advance. Sure, it took the better part of my afternoon to chop, mix up dressings (with loads of garlic), etc., but I was able to serve this meal to 18 people within half an hour of getting home from the girls' piano lessons.
**Cheating** The cake/cupcakes were out of a box. The little kids and I baked them the night before. I would not object to making party cake from scratch, but have yet to discover a simple and successful cake recipe that compares to a boxed mix. Maybe you have one?

**Thursday's menu** Gallo pinto (beans fried with rice). Leftover fixings.
**Because** Nothing's easier. Always insanely and unexpectedly good.

**Friday's menu** Church supper.
**Because** Thank you, God, we made it to Friday night.


**Weekend kitchen accomplishments** Four loaves of bread.

**Cooking with kids** AppleApple's menu. Greek theme. See chalkboard, above.

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"I think they like olives and lemons in Greece."

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