Things I am not doing today

a flying leap

I have done no laundry.

I have cooked nothing.

I have scarcely seen my children.

I have taken no photographs, although it is Sunday, and I try to take photos on Sundays.

I have not been outside.

I have scarcely moved from this desk.

My writing week seems to be starting a day early. I seem to be writing escapist historical fiction. I am next thing to flabbergasted about this turn of events.

But I am not worrying about it. Not today.


Two things. One, if you live in the Waterloo region, look for Green magazine in the KW Record. I've got a piece in there about dreaming green. (It is not yet available online.) And two, let me direct you to my conversation with Marita Daschel about The Juliet Stories, photography, and motherhood, among other things.

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