"I stalk her on the internet"

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I LOVED this quick-paced conversation between two young women discussing The Juliet Stories. Their goal is to record themselves discussing a book in 140 seconds. That's fast! My favourite part is right at the end and it had me laughing out loud: "Read her blog!" "Yes!" "I might stalk her on the internet ... because she makes every day better." "I stalk her on the internet too, but I think she knows that." "She knows now!" Oh, and they loved the book. Yay!

Also, here's a link to an interview I did with Open Book: Toronto. It's got some nice stuff in it, somewhat off the beaten path.

And my dad tells me there's a blurb on The Juliet Stories in this month's Readers Digest (Canadian version only). But I haven't checked that out yet.


Meanwhile, I'm drinking that cup of coffee (or one that looks exactly like it, and then I'm going to the library to do research this morning. Wish me luck. I'm thinking about how to write a character who is both troubled and strong. You know she's struggling, but you're rooting for her.


Speaking of stalking on the internet (in a good way, I mean), friends have mentioned that they have difficulty posting comments here on the blog, so I'm going to try removing one of the levels of anti-spam features, which may (or may not) make commenting easier. Please let me know if it helps. (Other tips, anyone?) If this proves to invite too much spam, I'll have to revert back again. But I love hearing your comments, and widening the conversation, so it seems worth a try.

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