Day of doing nothing, whatever that means

There, I've caught up on sleep for 2011.

The house is full of kids, a few extras just for fun, and we're spending the day doing NOTHING, whatever that means to each of us. For me, that means sleeping in, not cooking a thing, and playing with my brand new portrait lens. It was a surprise Christmas gift from Kevin and this morning was the first opportunity I've had to open it. Well, there were opportunities earlier, of course, but not an expanse of hours to do nothing but take photos. Which is how I've spent this morning and early afternoon.

Ideas for new photo projects bound into my brain. I'm so excited to have a lens that allows me to photograph food properly. I love my other lens, but it is meant for panoramas, lovely sweeps of moments, and not for close-ups. All I need now is a good flash and I'm set.

So here are my spontaneous probably over-the-top ambitious plans for photo projects, 2012:

Sunday self, version 2
1. Sunday self: a weekly self portrait. Daily is too onerous given the other projects (not just photo related) I'd like to complete this year.

2. 365 days of food: Photographing food is a special art, and not easily accomplished as anyone who's tried can tell you. It's difficult to make food look as appetizing as it tastes. There is no better way to learn a new skill than daily practice. Ergo, a daily food photo. I use them on my blog, so it's practical too. And I'm rolling around the idea for a cookbook project which would tie in very nicely.

3. Portraits of strangers; portraits of friends. Or husbands, as the case may be. This makes me nervous, but is definitely something I'm interested in working on. My friend Nancy would like to attempt, with me, a combined project that would involve photographing our mutual Facebook friends (we have about 34 in common, living as we do in the same 'hood). More on this to come, if anything comes of it.

Okay, about four hours just slipped away there as I organized my photo files and played with post-processing. Good grief, digital comes with some drawbacks. But I'm good now. I'm ready for the new year, and for the pile of new photos to come--with places for every one. Exciting.

Now to order take-out Chinese for supper. It's been an excellent, chip-eating, stormy weather, movie-watching, Just-Dance-playing, nothing-doing first day of the new year here at our house. Hope yours has been just as fine.

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