The week in suppers

**Monday's menu: Tandoori vegetable soup. Baked fish. Rice.
**Inspiration: This recipe in Saturday's Globe and Mail. Except I used my own mixture of spices, threw it in the crockpot, and skipped the shrimp. I suspect the recipe would also make an excellent base for a fish stew, but my kids prefer their food options separate, so I baked the fish separately.

**Tuesday's menu: Beans and rice and tortillas.
**Because: Easy and good.
**Totally lacking: A vegatable. Oops.

**Wednesday's menu: Saag paneer. Baked potatoes.
**Because: Discovered a bag of russet potatoes in the cupboard. And a package of paneer. And some spinach! And threw them all together into one fantabulous meal.

**Thursday's menu: Black bean chili in the crockpot. Cornbread (pictured above). Leftover rice. Retro-cabbage salad with broccoli and carrots.
**Because: Leftover beans + new vegetarian crockpot cookbook + slug of balsamic vinegar = really fabulous chili.
**Reviews: "I'll take the cornbread in my lunch tomorrow, Mom."
**Note to self: It might be time to double the batch of cornbread from an 8x8 pan to a 9x13 pan.
**Note to reader: In many instances, including this one, "retro" actually means "mayonnaise."

**Friday's menu: Leek and potato soup in the crockpot. Steamed broccoli. Biscuits.
**Because: Feeding MIL who loves leek and potato soup. Also, accumulation of excess leeks in fridge. Suspect they may be producing offspring. Generations of leeks! In my fridge!
**Sigh: I may be lactose intolerant. The biscuits were light, fluffy, and loaded with butter, and my stomach was heavy and puffy. This has been happening every time I eat butter! Life without butter? Throw me a lifejacket.

**Weekend kitchen accomplishments: Nary a one. Such is life.

**Vegetarian confession: I am craving meat! I almost ordered ten pounds of hamburger from our local food buying club. Somehow stopped myself. But I can't wait for the turkey I've promised "the children" for Christmas day. The guilt!

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