Photos for the Christmas letter: the outtakes

Let's begin by gathering together the joyful participants in this afternoon's all-family project. Joyful, I said. Joyful participants.

Kevin (silently): What the hell, son? What the hell?

It's always thrilling to discover new talents in one's offspring.

Apparently, we have a natural born ham. Please, sir, may I have some more?

CJ acts out another scenario unseen by the rest of us.

Giant robot coming! Must defeat it with laser eyeballs!

I include this just because it's so supremely awkward. CJ is about to do a runner. I'm, you know, smiling! Fooey's vogueing. Enough with the jazz hands. And we're done.

It would be nice to report that the photograph chosen to grace our Christmas letter (yes, we're going to do a Christmas letter this year!) is far superior than these. It would be nice.

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