The week in suppers: short and seasonal

Monday. Baked macaroni and cheese, by request. With peas, not by request.

Tuesday. Mashed potato soup (with leeks.)

Wednesday. Potluck birthday supper at my bro's. I brought quinoa salad and old-style coleslaw.

Thursday. Sweet potato curry with brown rice. Bad recipe. What are we, hippies? Won't repeat.

Friday. Potatoes, yams, and beets cut like french fries, tossed with olive oil, and roasted with rosemary. Chicken noodle soup, minus the chicken, by request.

**Weekend cooking accomplishment: Baked four loaves of bread. I bake bread by rote. I can bake bread with my eyes closed. I can bake bread in a deconstructed house that teeters on the edge of revolution. All I need is yeast, and an oven.


This is a much-foreshortened week in suppers post. I am grappling with how to present these posts, and would appreciate feedback. Do you groan when you see it's a "week in suppers" post? Too long? Too detailed? Are the menu ideas useful? I plan to continue doing them in one form or another because it's easy to forget what's working (or not), and I need constant reminders. But I also need to find the right format.

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