Mom's Hair Salon ... wait 'til you see this

My first client.

Just a trim. And the application of a brush to certain rarely-brushed peaks at the back of the head. (We should probably do that more often.) End result: she was pleased.

"I should probably brush my hair more than once a month." "Some of your hair looks like silk, and other parts look like ..." "... a little doormat?" "That's a very accurate description."

A brush and a very very tiny trim, please. (She has memories of an unhappy hair cut we undertook several years ago.) "The funny thing is that my hair probably looks longer in the after photo!"

[Stomach churning, scissors poised. Oh, his curls!] "Are you sure you want me to cut your hair short? "Yes." "So you're really sure?" "Uh huh."

But oh my, what a sweet little face. I can kiss his sweet neck.

But this is kind of heart-breaking. He's seeing himself for the first time. How does he feel about the change?

You can see it in his eyes. Is this me? Does this still look like me? His sisters react to their first glimpse with ohs and ahs of delight: "You look so cute!" And one points out, "No one will think you're a girl anymore." [For the record, I never minded that; and it didn't seem to bother him much either.]

At least one thing's for sure: hair grows.

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