Writing as leftovers

Today I am supposed to be writing. I am very nearly done reconstructing several stories in the early section of my Juliet Stories; but it has been much more taxing than anticipated. It's not been hard work, exactly, but work that makes me impatient and mildly anxious. The early section of Juliet belongs to the book as it was originally conceived, only fragments of which still remain. I have reimagined these stories more times than I can count. There remain lasting sentences and phrases repurposed for different contexts. It's dizzying.

I feel like I'm eating leftovers for the tenth day in a row. I've had this meal before. I can eat it cold, or heat it up, or add some hot sauce, or wrap it in a tortilla, but dammit, I know exactly what I'm eating, and I'm so very very tired of it. But if a friend came over, and I wrapped some up for her, she would probably think it tasted awesome. Know what I mean?

I'm down to the nitty-gritty, to the less-than-glamorous, stuck-in-the-kitchen part of the process. I accept it.

Here's what I hope is happening: that I'm transforming these leftovers into a really fantastic meal that I'll get to share with a tableful of welcome company. And it will all be worth it, even though the kitchen is getting hot, and the onions are just shy of burnt, and the sun is shining, and I'd really really really like to run outside and play.

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