Now You Are Three

Yesterday, you were two.

Now you are three.

It's okay.

Happy birthday, kid!

The sound of the bedroom door opening. Siblings and parents waiting excitedly to greet him as he walks down the stairs. "Happy birthday! It's your birthday! You're a big boy today! You're three years old!"

Deep frown. Adamant tone. "I NOT be THREE! I be TWO!"

So far, he's sticking with his story. Yesterday, I took a photo of him holding up two fingers, to show his age. My plan was to juxtapose this with a photo taken this morning of the birthday boy holding up three fingers (which he's been practicing). But it is not to be. The other kids have decided to shelter him from the dark truth that he is really and truly three years old. Albus keeps saying, in a comforting baby voice, "It okay, CJ. You still be two today." Anything to give the child a happy birthday.

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