Solitary, Hermetic, Self-Taught

Just read this longish piece by American poet Kay Ryan (it's a few years old; thanks to Karl for pointing me to it). She is attending a poetry conference after a lifetime of preferring not to. She describes herself like this: "I love the solitary, the hermetic, the self-taught."

As someone currently mulling the prospect of greater artistic collaboration, who has almost always avoided working with others--at least, when it comes to writing fiction and poetry--her witty words were delicious food for thought. Such as ...

"I wanted my poems to fight their way ... Fight and fight again. No networking, no friends in high places, no internships. I think that's how poems finally have to live, alone without your help, so they should get used to it."

"I think poets should take the lesson of the great aromatic eucalyptus tree and poison the soil beneath us."

"I think it's good to admit what a wolfish thing art is; I trust writers who know they aren't nice."

And finally ... "Everything truly attended to is a spiritual practice, isn't it?"
Now, read my previous post if you haven't already, because this post is an aside, a footnote to my day. Can you tell it's writing day? I'm catching while catch-can.

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