Pickle Me This

Pickle Me This, a wonderful CanLit blog by writer and mother Kerry Clare, is putting a spotlight on Family Literacy Week. (Did you know it was Family Literacy Week? Quick! Grab a kid! Preferably your own! Read a book!). I was asked to write a "Literary Mom" entry on favourite books to read to my kids. Talk about the perfect assignment.
The photo Kerry's using is, gah!, seven years old! I was still in my twenties. Damn, I was hot. I sent her a new and updated photo that depicts me as I am now. Sigh. What do you know. I've gotten older.
(Betcha in seven years I'll be saying: That was when I was still in my thirties! Damn. I was hot.)
Uh. Morning o' vanity, apparently. Click here for the Literary Mom link.