Can't stop taking photos. Running out subjects. Maybe I'll carry the camera out tonight and record an evening edition playgroup in session. Sleepy due to late night and indulgent celebrations. Achy from the hot yoga super-poses. Mountains of laundry due to not folding on my birthday. Supper will be black beans and rice with tortillas and authentic Central American crema, and queso blanco; this might possibly be my favourite meal of all time. I should be gearing up to make new year's resolutions, or feeling more contemplative, but ... somehow, not yet. "Can you please focus!" I just heard Albus tell his sister, who is doing the camera work for their mutual movie project, which involves all the amazing Star Wars Lego ships he's built over the last week. Quite astonishing, really. He does it completely without assistance; when I tried to help, I realized that I couldn't, because the instructions were too complicated for my non-mechanically-inclined brain to follow. It's a bit like doing 3-D puzzles.
So here's what else is on, this sleepy old day: Kevin's gone to Toronto. Fooey's watching TV. CJ's napping. I'm playing. Above, some evidence.

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