Spring Storm

My internet connection has been playing hide-and-seek these past few days, rendering an online presence near impossible. This is probably a good thing, like therapy, but makes posting blog entries difficult (while simultaneously making me WANT to post even more; ah, thwarted desire). Here is our yesterday morning, first thing, hammocks hung, flowers abundant, knees scraped. Today the air is chilly, the earth cold and muddy, sky white. I got caught in the amazingly wild storm yesterday afternoon with all four kids. We were at the gelato shop uptown, the power went out briefly, and we looked outside to realize the weather had turned. It was almost scary. Pelting heavy rain that soaked us to the skin almost instantly, wind whipping, pushing the stroller with a screaming CJ protest, running as fast as we could for home while thunder pounded and lightening struck. The big kids LOVED it. Me, not quite so much. The power of the unknown.
Must publish this post while the connecton holds.