Local Food Round-Up

Is there a plan? Here's an amusing detail about this past week's local food plan: the best meal of the week was the one I threw together on the fly, zero advance plotting. Ugh. Or fab. Except that such results do not inspire continued Planning.

Nevertheless, despite, because, as if, et cetera ...

I'm planning to cook a pot of black beans for one main meal this week. In the fridge, I still have a few red beans from the chili meal, so for a second meal this week, I'll toss those together and make a two-bean soup, or another chili. Meal number three may involve yet more of those beans (I always make lots), and some red sauce I froze from Friday's successful meal--spiced up with cumin and coriander and baked in layers with tortillas and cheese. I'm also glad to have a winter squash to pop in the oven for colour and variety, and some cabbage to chop into a salad.

So the theme appears to be, by default: beans. I'm off meat at present, so I'll stick with some local hamburger as an add-in, if desired.

Have to add as a note that I originally typed: "I'm planning to cook a plot of black beans ..." Sounds like a spicy short story set in the tropics. I was going to riff on that theme for a few glorious moments of fantasy here, but have been advanced upon by a weary husband holding a newly bathed and howling baby who looks darned adorable in his ducky towel and, though said babe is pre-verbal, he seems to be calling my name rather effectively.

Well, then .... Shabaddy-woo (as I like to say, heaven knows why, to my baby).

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