At ten months ... he's walking, but can't stand from a sitting position, so chooses to crawl more often; plus he's super-crazy-fast on hands and knees. He's scared of heights. He can climb stairs, but as soon as he gets about four or five up, he freezes. He has no teeth. He's a natural drummer. He loves to hear singing, and tries to join in. He initiates chasing and peekaboo games which make him laugh hysterically (us too). Makes noises like an engine while pushing cars or trucks. Plays well on his own. Adores his sisters and brother, but likes his own space, and has a special grunting protest noise he makes when one of them is picking him up against his will. Has separate protest noises for: I'm stuck; put me down; I'm mad; someone's stolen a toy from me. Loves to be outside, even in the snow.

Is crawling down the hallway away from me right now ...